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1 on 1 Training Sessions

In partnership with WORLD PRO Goaltending: 30 minute 1 on 1 training sessions now available for booking.  

Dates: June 10, 24, 30.

Location: World Pro Facility, 5938 Centre Street S.E. 

Pricing and bookings are all directed through the World Pro webpage. Click 'book now' to go directly to the calendar. To request a specific day and time -> email;


Team Practice -> $50

Coach one or both goalies during team practice. Coordinating with Head Coach to integrate individual goalie practice within the team practice.

Price discount for multiple practices (1/4,1/2, full season).


Goaltender Consulting

All facets of being a Goalie Coach embedded into a hockey team for the season (ie. Spring or Summer programs). Producing practice plans for goalies with their strengths and development in mind. Coordinating and advocating for goalies with the Head Coach to ensure goalies get the most out of practice time. Evaluating game play and using that to enhance practice planning. Game analysis for coaching staff; for example: shots for and against, shot tracking, scoring chances, tracking of specific items identified by coaching staff (turnovers, breakouts). Scoring advice for players, and coaches.

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